Health Benefits of Fisetin January 13, 2019

Over the last few decades, there seems to be a growing interest in the understudying and understanding the effects of flavonoids with a bias on health boosting properties. Flavonoids, including fisetin, are now considered an indispensable component in various medicinal, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic applications. This is because of their anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, anti-oxidative and anti-mutagenic properties. This is in addition to their abilities to moderate key cellular enzyme functions.

There are already a number of fisetin supplements in the market today, promoting some of the health benefits you will soon learn.

Promoting Anti-Inflammatory Action

Fiseting has been demonstrated to inhibit the production of cytokines that cause inflammation. It implies that flavonoid rich compounds of fisetin can potentially be used as therapeutic agents to treat inflammatory conditions. This is because fisetin demonstrates significant anti-inflammation activities on migration of leukocytes, permeability and immunity of cells. In other words, this flavonoid compound can protect our cells from the effects of stress and boost our immunity in general.

Helps in Cancer Prevention

Cancer is one of the most lethal conditions in the modern world. This is often attributed to changing lifestyles that encourage the development carcinogenic cells. While there are numerous alternative treatments to cancer, they are all quite costly and can work towards clearing your bank accounts.

As it is often said, prevention is better than cure. That is one of the most potent effects of fisetin. It has well known anti-oxidant, anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory properties, which may play significant functions in facilitating the prevention of cancer. All the above properties are instrumental in eliminating cells that cause cancer or otherwise the conditions within our cells that make it possible for cancer cells to develop.

To date, besides other effects; fisetin demonstrates abilities to:

• Trigger specific signaling pathways that induce cell death or apoptosis in cells causing cervical cancer.
• Exhibit potential to inhibit the growth of lung cancer cells as well as those causing prostate cancer
• Prevent the growth of melanoma cells
• Induce the apoptosis of colon cancer cells. This is by preventing particular signaling pathways

Prevent Glycation

You shouldn’t be astounded when your doctor diagnoses you with glycation. This is just the natural process by which blood sugar attaches to proteins to make harmful new molecule known as advanced glycation end products (AGEs). These AGEs causes damages to bones. According to research, the advanced glycation end products destroy collagen. This is a cartilage like material, which gives tensile strength to bones. Fisetin exhibits beneficial interactions with proteins in the human body, a process that helps to arrest glycation.

Maintaining Levels of Glutathione

When your body faces increased oxidative stress, it can substantially lower the glutathione levels. But when using fisetin, the levels of glutathione seem to be maintained. This is due to the direct anti-oxidant activity of fisetin. But apart from playing an active role as an anti-oxidant to prevent glutathione levels from dropping, fisetin has further been shown to increase intracellular amounts of glutathione.

Glutathione is the major anti-oxidant at the intracellular level. Therefore, fisetin facilitates improvement of the body’s major intracellular antioxidant, besides being itself at the center of anti-oxidation activities. Glutathione on the other hand bears the largest amounts of electrons among all anti-oxidants. This means it has the most electrons to donate to the free radicals as a neutralization strategy.

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