Toaster Oven VS Gas Oven August 25, 2015

Today, two of the most popular cooking methods require either electricity or gas. Both gas and electric (or toaster) ovens are very popular in the household, and have a long list of pros and cons each. People often prefer one to the other, depending upon their experience or needs. And both work equally effectively to bake cakes, roast chickens or even potatoes. But here are some major differences between the two.

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The source of heat in a conventional or convection oven may be gas. But in an electric toaster oven, the heating elements are warmed up by electricity. Now, some people think that gas ovens are most cost efficient, since an electric oven can suck up a lot of energy. But that is not necessarily true. In comparison to a gas oven, an electric oven heats up far more quickly and can take less time to cook things than its rival. But then, because of its fast heating capacity, the heat is not distributed as evenly as in gas ovens, and often well find a cake sponge baked with a brown cracked top but raw and unbaked in the middle. This is why many people still prefer gas ovens, since they bake more evenly.

One drawback of a gas oven is its size. They take up a lot of unnecessary space, and often you will find yourself firing the whole oven space up for cooking just a tiny amount of food. This is why toaster ovens are compact, since essentially they are toasters that also have full oven functionality. Not only that but they are also portable, and can be easily transported from place to place. So, when choosing to buy an oven for your household, always keep your limitations and requirements in check.

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